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Futures Game: Team USA Steps on the World's Throat

Bo Knows Supermodels... Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-US PRESSWIRE
Bo Knows Supermodels... Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-US PRESSWIRE

George Brett was out for blood.

He didn't give a damn about diplomacy or the United Nations or any of that crap.

He wanted to win. He wanted to "step on their throat."

Team USA responded. That was one helluva pre-game pep talk. The dude makes General Patton look like Abbie Hoffman.

Kansas City is off to a great start hosting this extravaganza. Fan Fest is a hit, the bars are hopping, the weather was actually pleasant and Wil Myers had a great game.

Myers went 2-4 with 3 RBI and sprayed the ball to all fields. He had to have narrowly missed out on MVP honors which went to Nick Castellanos who went 3-4 with a three run home run in the sixth inning bludgeoning.

Altogether... WIL MYERS NOW!!!

Other highlights...

-- Anthony Gose's catch in the third inning was outstanding. Even better was his throw back into first base to try to double off the runner.

-- Yordano Ventura looked good on the mound, tossing an easy 1-2-3 inning. However, the World Team's pitchers looked dreadful once you got past the first two arms. Poor Ariel Pena. He was a late addition to the team and got absolutely hammered.

-- Jake Odorizzi surrendered a home run to Jurickson Prufar that was an absolute laser shot. When I saw that ball leave the park, along with the second inning homer by Jae-Hoon Ha, I thought the ball was really carrying. I suppose it was, but that was more thanks to the World pitchers not being able to keep the ball down in the zone.

-- It didn't matter because the ball went over the fence, but I thought Myers read the ball poorly off of Prufar's bat. It doesn't mean anything - why would you "scout" an exhibition game? Still, I thought it kind of interesting. Especially since if was up to me, he'd be patrolling right field for the Royals on Friday.

-- Even if he has to return to Omaha, I love that Myers left his mark at The K...



-- Attendance was announced at 40,095, which was touted as a record for the Futures Game. Seriously, Kansas City is so thirsty for real baseball. Were you paying attention, Mr. Glass? If you were actually there...

-- Most of the crowd hung around for the celebrity softball game. Obviously a huge selling point was seeing George Brett, Mike Sweeney and Bo Jackson. Oh, and Chrissy Teigen.

-- Sweeney crushed a home run. So did Bill Self. I'm certain this news will upset Nick. I'm sure other homers were hit. We can watch it tonight after the HR Derby.