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Home Run Derby Preview: Boo Cano

Memorize this face. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Memorize this face. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's your civic duty to unleash vocal fury on Robinson Cano tonight. During introductions, during interviews, during swings... Hell, I hope his first round at bat is one steady, "Booooo..." I'm also good with a #BooCano hashtag.

Other than that, having the Home Run Derby in Kansas City means I get to enjoy the bomb show without having to endure a announcer who insists on becoming the center of the event. Worth every penny.

From, here are the latest odds for your viewing pleasure:

Jose Bautista (+250)
Boooooooo! (+350)
Prince Fielder (+400)
Mark Trumbo (+450)
Matt Kemp (+500)
Carlos Beltran (+550)
Carlos Gonzalez (+600)
Andrew McCutchen (+800)

I'm on board with Joey Bats as the favorite. Although I will be rooting for Beltran. Old habits, I guess.

Looking forward to this event. After the support KC provided for the Futures Game, this should be a fun night. Amy K. Nelson does a great job breaking down the players...