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Game Day Confusion, Splitty Controls Situation

Last night Old Man Duggan made an honest mistake and forgot the Royals were playing a game on the east coast. The game started an hour earlier than normal and by six o'clock there was no official post up. What ensued was 30 minutes of confusion centered around 5 game threads, that still exist - I am not sure if any were deleted. Splitty shows off some assumed military leadership experience and channeled most of the other threads to one place. That thread was finally linked to the main thread. No one ended up dead or claiming to be the 2nd coming of Wil(l), so all is good, I think. Here is a timeline of the events:

Time Official thread Craig's Game Score Thread JKWard UOGT Splitty UOGT averagegatsby UOGT
Comments 497 69 44 11 16
Phil noticed no game thread

About 6 posters use post for the Game Thread


Fan Post Created Fan Shot Created

Fan Post Created


Splitty links to JKWard's UOGT Splitty links to JKWard's UOGT
06:34 Opened Last post on game


Duggan posts link to Official Thread


Duggan posts link to Official Thread

Duggan posts link to Official Thread