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Hochevar Destroyed by Three Guys Who Don't Belong in Big Leagues; Royals Lose 7-1

Luke Hochevar - he's just about to turn the corner.
Luke Hochevar - he's just about to turn the corner.

Omar Quintanilla has never had more than 250 MLB plate appearances in a season, and has a .587 career OPS. Tonight he was 3-4 and crushed a two-run home run.

Nate McLouth was pretty darn good four years ago, but has been just atrocious the last two years and was already released once this year. He was 2-4 with a double, run, and an RBI.

Manny Machado is one of the better prospects in the game, but was in AA just a week ago, and wasn't exactly tearing it up there. He hit two home runs and drove in four.

This is Luke Hochevar. He has made 119 starts now in a Royals uniform and his ERA is well above five. He continues to post a much better FIP than his ERA, but we may be getting to a point where we have to accept he is just one of those guys that underperforms his FIP. Maybe its because of this organization. It wouldn't surprise me to see Luke pop up in Oakland and post an ERA in the threes. But its grown extremely tiresome to have to watch three crummy starts to get one decent start out of Luke.

Offensively, we stunk tonight. Someone named Miguel Gonzalez had the Royals hitters off-balance all game. Our first four hitters in the lineup went 0-15. Jeff Francoeur had a terrible baserunning blunder that will probably be rewarded because he was "aggressive." Not enough is being made about the fact that Moose is really slumping badly. Selective endpoints, but since June 25 he's hitting just .215/.243/.381. Will his slugging offset his .312 on-base percentage?