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Royals Discover Hitting Lots of Home Runs Means Winning the Game in 7-3 Victory


The Royals had to wait over three hours to get this party started, but once it got started, it was a dong-hanging party. Alex Gordon led off the rain-delayed game by going yard, then added another home run in the seventh. In ten August games, he has nearly doubled his home run total. Oh, but he's not sprinkling in soft opposite-field bloopers anymore. Drat!

Salvador Perez and Billy Butler were not going to let dong be hung without them, so they each crushed pitches into the humid Baltimore night sky. Both are playing with a kind of swagger this year that you see out of guys that rule on teams that are good. Its one thing to be a great clubhouse guy and suck on the field like Frenchy, its quite another to be a quiet example of leadership on the field by kicking butt and taking names.

It was appropriate that former Orioles manager Earl Weaver was in the house, because the Royals hit home runs all over the place, and - surprise, surprise -that led them to win the game. They even drew more walks than the Orioles - 3 to 2. Don't get me wrong, Ned tried to play small ball with a couple silly steal attempts, and the Royals still had a dumb baserunning blunder that cost them a run. He even pulled Mendoza - who pitched well yet again - a batter or two too late. Oh Ned, you devious rascal! But all in all, you cannot stop Gordon, Sal and Country Breakfast from hanging dong when they want to. You just can't.

But seriously, church service starts in a few hours. Get some sleep!