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Royals Are Rearranging the Deck Chairs. It's About Time.

Time to get them inline (Photo by Olivia Harris - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
Time to get them inline (Photo by Olivia Harris - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A few days ago, Dayton Moore stated:

.... we need to win more games. That’s what I think {Yost is] alluding to. It’s not that we have issues that aren’t fixable.

He continues on by saying:

"The only way you create a winning culture is by winning games. We’ve got a good culture for developing players, but it’s important that we win more games at the major-league level."

In my opinion, Dayton is in the hot seat right now by the Glass's and has to start winning. I think he has to reach .500 in 2013 or he is gone. Done for. He is feeling the heat a little and the desperation is going down hill.

The team has no starting pitchers and no league average starting pitcher looks to be on the opening day roster in 2013. This is a huge problem and it is obvious to everyone. Since no moves were made before the trade deadline, I really don't expect any moves until the start of this off season. If Dayton is Dayton, he will way over pay early in the off season for a couple pitchers. Another story for another day.

Fixing the starting pitching is the big hill for Dayton to climb before the start next season. He will have to improve it immensely in order for him to keep his job. In the mean time, he needs to use the rest of this season to his advantage.

Over the last couple of weeks the Royals have made a few moves that seem to just be rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking season. The moves are small compared to the bigger issue the team faces.

  • Betancourt was released.
  • Sanchez was traded for Guthrie
  • Broxton was traded
  • Sissons was released as the 1B coach
  • The Francoeur outfield are to play in closer
  • Relief pitchers are being evaluated as starters.

All I got to say about these small moves that may only get the Royals an extra out or run scored here or there is ...... ABOUT F'ING TIME. This is the Royals I am talking about. They have no budget. There is no superstar on the team anymore like George Brett to help carry them. The team needs to be doing everything they can think of to win games.

Last year and into this season, players were given the opportunity to either thrive in situations (Escobar hitting late in a game) or fail (Luke needs to work through this 5th inning jam ... and the wheels come off ... again). At times it was obvious that the MLB team was about developing players. The team is now going into a win now mode in August. The team needs to figure out how to have every possible advantage for its player to score and prevent as many runs as possible.

  • Plattoon situations.
  • Quicker hooks for the starters.
  • The best roster possible even it it means promoting players early.
  • Precise positioning of players on the field.

One key to look for is what do they do with some of the players ... Hosmer? Hochevar? The abundance of bullpen arms? Myers? Odorizzi? Most importantly of all, Francoeur. Will he accept a role as a platoon player? Will he ask for trade or his release? Will he continue to age quickly?

The Royals don't have the resources to completely restock their team like the Yankees or Angels. The Royals need to have everything inline. They must find every advantage. They can't wait to figure it out next season. They need to know the deck chair positions now. They probably needed to figure it out 6 years ago when Dayton was hired. I guess it is better late than never. Truthfully, it may be too late for everyone involved, but at least they are trying.

The ship has to be ready for 2013 with everything in it running smoothly. Dayton Moore legacy as a G.M. wil(l) probably be determined by his ability to find some starting pitching to power the boat this off season. Until then, be happy that the rest of the boat is being prepared as much as possible.