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Royals Come Back Late for a 3-2 Win

Don't ask.  (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Don't ask. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Will Smith pitched decent tonight. It wasn't as dominating as Guthrie was last night when he allowed only 1 runner to get into scoring position. Smith did what he needs to do every night in getting 5 Ks and only 1 BB. He still has a bit of an issue with the long ball as seen by the 1 HR he gave up tonight.

Royals pitching seem to be pitching better as a group since Sanchez was trade. Here are the stats for the entire staff for before and after the trade

Before Sanchez After Sanchez
ERA 4.49 3.95
K/9 7.5 6.8
BB/9 3.7 2.7
HR/9 1.0 0.9

Less strikeouts, but the rest of the stats show improvement.

Game Notes:

  • The Royals got their 2 runs in the 7th from back to back to back doubles.
  • Frenchy was in the running mood tonight. He got caught stealing and attempted a bunt late in the game.
  • Everyone got on base at least once except Perez.
  • Escobar had 2 steals
  • Crow pitched the 8th and Holland the 9th. Each struck out 2 batters in their 1 inning of work.
  • Hacker of the night: Sal Perez on seeing 9 pitches in 4 PAs. His AVG dropped below 0.300 on an 0-4 night.