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Revisionist Thinking - Way Better Than Reality

The Royals have moved their best on-base guy out of the lead-off spot and follow that up by sitting Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer on the same day. It's not that Moustakas and Hosmer are currently knocking the cover of the ball, but it is kind of the principal of the thing.

Perhaps the worst thing about sitting Moustakas and Hosmer against a 'tough left-hander' is that said southpaw could have and almost was a Royal himself.

It's been a rough 36 hours here in Royalland, so let's have a little revisionist fun with a poll. And yes, I left out 2009 because picking Mike Trout over Aaron Crow is pretty much a runaway winner. Besides, even the Angels didn't pick Trout with their first pick in the first round.