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Ned's Lineup Tinkering Gets Results - Royals Win 4-2

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All afternoon the doom-and-gloom Royals Review crowd was getting their panties in a bunch over Ned's lineup tinkering, shuffling Alex Gordon out of the leadoff spot and replacing him with Chris "Chris Sale-killer" Getz. Well I think you all owe Ned an apology. Yes, Chris Getz went 0-3 in the leadoff spot, and yes, Alex Gordon went 0-4 in the #3 spot in the lineup, but the only stat you nerds should concentrate is WINS and LOSSES. The Royals were victorious. Do you know why? They scored first! This logic is unassailable!

It also might have helped that the Royals flexed up and hit the ball out of the ballpark. Lorenzocaine hit a solo home run in the second (the first run of the game! Victory was locked up then!). Billy Boy slammed another one in the sixth. But it was Sal Perez smashing a two-run double in the seventh, his second hit of the game, to put the good guys on top for good. Sal is looking like such an impressive player right now. We're all kind of at the edge of our seat wondering how the Royals are going to screw this one up.

Luis Mendoza lowered his ERA to 4.26. He is now 24th in the league in ERA (min. 100 IP), ahead of guys like Max Scherzer, Dan Haren, Yu Darvish, Josh Beckett, and Jon Lester. Luis allowed just four hits, walked one, and most surprisingly struck out six batters. BELIEVE.

Oh, and the rumor is Johnny Giavotella has been promoted from Omaha. So, happy Fridays all around.