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Linking Around

It's been awhile since I've done a links post. So here's some quality reading as you gaze longingly at the clock mounted above your cubicle as you count the minutes to a glorious three day weekend.

Royal Heritage: Royal Doubles
Everything you ever wanted to know about Royal players hitting doubles but were afraid to ask.

Royally Speaking: Bruce Chen: Rolling With The Greats (and Mark Redman)
How Chen measures up against left-handed mediocrity.

Kings of Kauffman: The Royals, Extensions and Cautionary Tales of Big Contracts
Tiptoeing through a minefield... Look, there's Ryan Howard!

PineTar Press: Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. "Beaver Nuggets"
Beaver Nuggets? The official snack of Frank Drebin. Chasers notes, featuring an awkward autograph story
Spoiler alert: The "kid" who doesn't recognize Wil Myers is actually Dayton Moore.

Miscellany following the jump...

The Mogul Who Made Justin Bieber : The New Yorker
Meet the new Col. Parker.

Clint Eastwood chair speech provides baffling highlight at Romney coronation | Film |
Missed this... Because I was watching something that actually mattered. You know, baseball.

The numbers don't lie: Baltimore isn't going anywhere - Grantland
Jonah Keri called the Royals part of "a cupcake party" for the Tigers at the end of the season. Hey! Take that back!

Tennis: The Sport That Forgot About Scouting - U.S. Open -
An uncharted frontier: Tennis. Somebody start a blog or something. Pop Tarts For Tennis.