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Anatomy Of A DFA - A One Act Play

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(Note: This is the sequel to "Anatomy Of A Free Agent Signing" published following the Yuniesky Betancourt deal last December.)

The curtain rises to reveal a manager's office. It is spartanly furnished. There is a desk with a telephone and a plate of tacos... Untouched. A bookshelf stands behind the desk and is populated with media guides from other teams. Royals manager Ned Yost sits behind the desk. Seated across from him is Royals General Manager Dayton Moore and a scout.

A player wearing the number 11 is standing to the side. Silent. He gives a look to the manager behind the desk, then the general manager, sighs and exits through the door at the back of the stage. It is when he turns around we see the name on the back of the jersey.


Moore: I'm shocked this signing didn't work out. He's a guy with some pop. A good citizen. He did a wonderful job for us the last time around. I just can't believe this.

Scout: I still don't see the issue. The guy was giving us everything we needed. Seven home runs? If we played him everyday, he'd be a 20 home run guy. Huge.

Yost: He's just not buying into what we're trying to do here. I can't have complainers on my ball club. Give me 25 Jeff Francoeurs and I'll show you a team ready to win.

Moore: Look, if I could clone Frenchy, I would. I'd make 26... 25 for the club and one for myself. I think that much of the guy.

Yost: At least I got to play Yuni at third for his final appearance as a Royal.

Scout: He's so damn versatile. I love that about him.

Moore: You know, I could bring him back next year.

All three men smile knowingly.

Moore: You know, I couldn't believe there wasn't more action on Yuni at the trade deadline. Shocked. What contender can't use a versatile infielder with good hands and some really nice pop?

Yost: It is strange. Maybe it's all my fault. Maybe I should have showcased him more at the deadline. But I just love what Getzy is giving me right now.

Scout: It's a conundrum.

Moore: Look, I love Getz too... But you can't talk like that, Ned. Don't get down on yourself. You hear me? You know I think the world of you as a manager. I have no problem with what you're doing. I can't believe the rotton luck we've had this season.

Yost: Yeah... injuries.

Moore: Injuries.

Both Moore and Yost stare wistfully into space. And grin.

Scout: In the meantime, we need to see what we can do to replace the power we just lost up the middle. I'm thinking Gordon Beckham.

Moore: I love Beckham. He's exactly my kind of player. But Kenny Williams... The guy is really difficult.

Yost: We could bring up Giavotella.

There is a pause. Then all three men break into laughter.

Scout: Damnit, Yost... That Giavotella gag gets me every time.

Moore: (Nodding) Always worth a laugh.

Moore: OK... The injuries only buy me so much time. And if I keep bringing guys up from the minors that ownership has never heard of, they keep thinking we have the best system in history. I say we need 80 percent of our team developed from the minor leagues, so I when I bring along a new guy every so often, that's working in our favor. The really good news is I think I've convinced Glass that we've been targeting 2014 all along. I haven't seen the guy since the All-Star Game so I think we're safe.

Yost: I hope so. I found some hunting ground in Georgia I'd like to buy. Frenchy is going to come out this winter. He promised.

Moore: Look, I'm doing everything I can to distract the old man. Doug Sisson? Gone. Yuniesky Betancourt? Gone. I tell Glass that Sisson's coaching and Yuni's attitude were holding us back. That should buy us some time.

Scout: What are we going to do when we're still below .500 in '14?

Moore: I've gotten us this far, haven't I? Trust me... Trust the process.

All three men break into laughter.