Remembering Jonathan Sanchez - a Ballad to April 8

by Dayton Moore Mayton Doore Dr. Seuss Anonymous

In the sprawling meadows of spring, hope and faith are renewed, ever vibrant.

And on such a fateful day only a shy four months ago to this day, one Jonathan Sanchez left his everlasting imprint on a nation of once-torn souls - He won a game for the Royals.

But as tragedies go, the storyline must succumb to its ominous promise.

Today, we pay tribute to the gift bestowed on us by the trinity - The Father Ewing Kauffman, The Son Eric Hosmer and The Holy Spirit of Dick Howser.

You may be asking "why four months after?" The question has validity, but the number four is most fitting. It is four months after, in line with Sanchez' penchant for ball four and four-baggers.

And to further the point, on a day in the fourth month of the year, glistening and sunkissed by a bloated star in the sky, Sanchez struck out four batters while generously allowing four hits and sporting a 4.47 xFIP. Oh, how spring hath softened our hearts!

Sanchez' debut in Royal Blue was one of anticipation. Kansas City's batsmen staked Sanchez to a 3-0 advantage, including a fabled Bacon Bomb. Sanchez, one to never upset fans by giving anything less than his maximum effort, pressed much too hard, committing a walk, wild pitch and an error while allowing the Angels a point to trim their deficit to 3-1.

Yet as the dusk settled on the first inning, Sanchez began to command thine control. OH, HOW THE BATS WHISTLED AND WHIFFED IN FEEBLE ATTEMPTS TO HIT A WILY WHITE BASEBALL!

Fools weakly tried to test Sanchez' dominance, to little avail. Vernon Wells? Kendrys Morales? Oh, how thy douchers flailed at Sanchez' arsenal as he painted his masterpiece!

But in the third inning, sabotage was afoot. While striking out Erick Aybar, known traitor Humberto Quintero allowed the pitch to run wild, giving Aybar sufficient time to complete his trek to first base. Set up for failure, Sanchez would later allow Aybar to score on a ball grounded by Torii Hunter, pushing the score to 3-2.

Relentless, Sanchez would force Vernon Wells to again futilely swing at a pitch - one thrown so hard Quintero was unable to drop it, for risk of his Benedict Arnold ways being made public.

As he finished his five innings of serenity, Sanchez would not allow anyone else to score against the Royals. In contribution, Eric Hosmer would banish a ball hit by Ervin Santana into the fiery abyss for a 5-2 advantage. Fellow Jonathan - from the noble lineage of Broxton - fended off a final assault from the Angels, saving a 7-3 victory and Sanchez' W.

Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA BF Pit Str Ctct
Jonathan Sanchez, W (1-0) 5 4 2 2 3 4 0 3.60 23 99 59 31
Jose Mijares 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 0.00 4 22 13 8
Kelvin Herrera 1.1 5 1 1 0 0 1 6.75 8 23 15 8
Aaron Crow, H (1) 0.2 1 0 0 1 1 0 13.50 4 17 7 4
Jonathan Broxton, S (1) 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 4.50 3 14 11 5
Team Totals 9 11 3 3 4 10 1 3.00 42 175 105 56

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Sanchez would never feel the rush of a win again.

Jealous of his fame, Quintero set in place an intricate series of failures to ruin Sanchez. The scheme worked, as unknowing Royals fans saw Sanchez pitch miserably for months. Mitch Maier would later find documents and evidence telling of Quintero's perfidious tactics and passed the information on to Sanchez.

It was too late. Quintero fled Missouri in late June, but before he did, manipulated well-respected General Manager Dayton Moore into ostracizing Maier to Omaha - and in doing so, keeping the secrets silent. To complete The Process, Sanchez was shipped in a cargo box to Colorado.

The tragedy had toppled over its precipice to its final curtain. To those blinded by deceiving facts placed in their path, Sanchez is remembered as inadequate and careless.

But not all. Those who know the true Jonathan Sanchez will reminisce on the past, only four months in the shadows, when Sanchez left an invaluable impression on a fan base in need of it.

Recently, Sanchez was put on the disabled list with what was being called left biceps tendinitis. But what it really was was a tender heart, yearning to return back to Kansas City. I, Dayton Moore anonymous, will do everything I can to rectify this mistake and bring you back to the city of BBQ this spring.

Thank you, Jonathan Sanchez. Thank you.

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