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Jeremy "Ace" Guthrie Dominates Sox. Yes that Jeremy Guthrie

ACE (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
ACE (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Getty Images

8 IP, 104 pitches, 0 runs, 6 strike outs, 0 walks - All that from a pitcher ... in a single game. He was able to drop is ERA over 1.5 points (7.71 to 6.10). Sanchez trade vindicated. Moore extension now!

Highlights (As many as there can be from a 2-1 game)

  • Francoeur walked. He showed some crazy patience by seeing 22 pitches in 4 PA. Also, he had 2 hits. Patience at the plate = good results. Can't be?
  • Perez and Moose both hit HRs for the Royals only 2 runs.
  • Holland had a rough 9th. He was channeling his inner Broxton. Just as along as Dutch doesn't hit 2 batters to force home the winning run, I will still have confidence in him.
  • Hacker of the game: Moose saw only 7 pitches in 4 PAs