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Game 132 Open Thread - Minnesota at Kansas City Game Deuce

A 'good' Luke appearance would be appreciated this evening.
A 'good' Luke appearance would be appreciated this evening.

Game two of today's doubleheader features the continuing love/hate relationship between Luke Hochevar and Kansas City Royals fans. Six times this year, Hochevar has allowed zero or one run in seven innings or more. Sadly, six times this year, Luke has allowed six or more runs in a start. Arrgghhhh.

Hochevar will be opposed by Liam Hendricks, who sports a 0-7 record with a 6.02 ERA. Now, pitcher wins and losses are a poor stat, but it is hard to go zero and freaking seven. Noteworthy is that Hendricks allowed one run in nine innings his last time out, only to have Felix Hernandez throw a shutout against his teammates. Still, it is hard to go freaking zero and seven, man.

Prior to today's events, the Royals were just 4-8 against the lowly Twins. Given that the boys in blue are facing De Vreis and Hendricks, let's hope we are all in a happy mood by the end of the day.