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Perez Was Tipping Pitches, Twins Try to Take Advantage and Fail

I noticed during the game last night that Salvador Perez was not framing certain pitches. I quickly figured out he wasn't framing low breaking balls that were headed for the dirt. Here are two examples


3 more GIFs after jump, so loading will be slow


In both of these examples, Perez gave no pre-pitch frame, which he usually does. Instead, he just prepares to block the pitch. I am guessing the Twins also noticed this tell. A low breaking ball in the dirt would be a great opportunity to run and run they tried.

Twice the Twins attempted SBs. Both times Perez did not frame the pitch. Both times the ball was in the dirt. Both times Perez threw out a base runner.



Perez is a stud and I love him very, very much, but I would love him very, very, VERY much if he would stop tipping his pitchers pitches.