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Lorenzo Cain Rhymes With Hamstring Strain

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Coming out from The K this afternoon from Dutton:

Day-after report on CF Lorenzo Cain is worse than expected. Diagnosed with grade-2 strain in his right hamstring. Might be done.

Dutton says we can expect a David Lough and Jason Bourgeois platoon in center field. The Summer Of Francoeur continues unabated in right.

As for Cain, I know he was never the prospect along the lines of Alex Gordon, but his 2012 season just seems like the years A1 had prior to his breakout last year. No matter what you expected from Cain, the guy has missed a large part of his season to injury. Some guys just can't stay healthy. Is that what we have with Cain? Last night's play was eerily reminiscent of what happened in Oakland where he limps off the field and you hope he just tweaked something. Turns out it was much worse.

Groin strain... Hip strain... Hamstring strain...

Up next, spontaneous combustion.

At this point, I'd be extremely surprised if he made another appearance for the Royals this year. It's not worth the risk to have him aggravate the injury and miss valuable time to prepare for the 2013 season. He's already missed valuable time in 2012.