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Game 147 Open Thread - Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royals

Gavin Floyd (4.59 ERA/ 4.38 xFIP/ 4.12 SIERA) vs Luke Hochevar (5.46 ERA/ 4.36 xFIP/ 4.25 SIERA)

Your regularly scheduled poster Jeff Zimmerman is busy researching and writing for The Hardball Times, so I am pinch-hitting these next two games.

Over his last four starts, Hochevar has allowed 22 runs over 21 innings pitched. So we should probably expect an 8-inning 9 K start tonight to build up the off-season excitement that the Royals have fixed him.

I'm not sure if I would rather lose these games to improve the Royals draft position, or continue to annoy the White Sox by playing spoiler. Currently, the Royals are projected to select 8th in the draft, and unless they suffer a complete collapse/late season winning streak, they could slide anywhere between 6th-10th. It's nearly impossible for me to openly root against any team I cheer for, especially once the game starts, but I certainly won't be too beat up regardless of how this game turns out.