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Royals Offense Impotent in 3-2 Loss to White Sox

Games like this are the downside of having a hyper-aggressive approach. Royals hitters walked up to the plate, swung, recorded out, and went back to the dugout. Lather, rinse, repeat

Kansas City collected a whopping five hits off of White Sox pitchers, even though the pitchers were far from dominant. Chicago pitchers only struck out four Royals all-game, but the Royals were free-swinging all night, refusing to work the count in an attempt to see better pitches. The three White Sox pitchers combined to throw 99 pitches all game.

Alex Gordon led the offense with two hits, while Billy Butler drove in both runs with a first-inning single. Outside of a Jeff Francoeur near-home run in the bottom of the fourth, the Royals offense never threatened again.

Luke Hochevar pitched serviceable tonight, surrendering three runs in seven innings. Hochevar struck out four and walked none, but allowed all three runs on solo homers. The White Sox managed to load the bases in the top of the eighth, but Francisley Bueno managed to work out of the jam.

The Royals are currently 66-81, 15 games under .500 in Dayton Moore's sixth season as General Manager.