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Coming Soon: SB Nation United

These guys just saw the beta version of SB Nation United. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE
These guys just saw the beta version of SB Nation United. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago when we showed off our new logo and as Connor linked to in a FanPost on Thursday, change is coming. Not just to Royals Review. But to all SB Nation sites.

It's SB Nation United.

We know change is difficult. Believe me, after the last couple of months, I've become something of an expert in this field. The purpose of this post is to prepare you with what's coming. Because it's huge. It's not some tweaks that you may not notice. This is major. So I assure you that while the look of the site will be renovated, the content will remain the same.

When will the change happen? Ahhh... This is the internet. Who knows when the switch will be flipped? You could send me to Gitmo and I wouldn't reveal the date. Mainly because I don't know. So don't ask me.

There are a couple of points the suits would like me to point out. So I'll do it.

- First, the new design is easier on the browser. Sites will load faster.
- Second, the snappy layout is guaranteed 72% easier on your eyes. There is less clutter and a greater ease of use.
- Third, the platform will work with vigor on all platforms... Mobile, tablet and desktop. Different vehicles, same great taste. Or something like that.
- Fourth, Game Threads, FanShots and FanPosts will remain a staple of this site.
- Fifth, we all get unicorns.

A note about Game Threads. I think this is where all users will notice an immediate change. The new layout will work extremely well in highlighting the key moments in the game. For example, if Jeff Francoeur gets injured in the second inning, we will make that a story that we can incorporate in the thread. Later in that game, Luke Hochevar gets crushed for a seven run inning, that could become a story in the thread as well. I think once everyone gets the hang of the new way we present game threads, it will be something where we look back and say, "Remember how we used to do Game Threads? Yeah. That way sucked."

Of course, this change will happen with a handful of games left on the schedule. (No, that's not a clue to when the change happens. Quit asking... I don't know.) So we'll do some Game Threads in the new format and then spend the next six months forgetting how we did it. That will be fun. Like test driving a Maserati and not being able to buy it for half a year. An analogy to which we can all relate.


The internet is a funny place. If you don't evolve, you're going to die. Seriously, you will die. Darwin wasn't writing about species, he was writing about the internet. People will get tired of your site and your product and move on to something else. At the same time, nobody likes change. I've seen the new layout and have had the opportunity to take it for a test drive. I can attest, this change is pretty big on the design side. And it will take some getting used to... For everyone. But this isn't a Gawker-like redesign where they broke everything. A grown up actually designed this. Probably used a degree in the internets.

The link Connor put on the front page has plenty of screenshots, so if you're interested, head that direction and look them over. It's a sample. I think they look pretty sharp, but I also think everyone should reserve judgement until SB Nation United goes live and you get to actually click on the damn thing.

Meanwhile, if you want someone to coddle you and tell you everything will be OK, I encourage you to click this link where Rev HaloFan will treat you with kindness. (Even if you don't need to be held, click the link anyway. It's really good.)

My points in summary form:

It will be alright.

We are in this together.

Remember, unicorns!