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Game 151 Open Thread - Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland Indians

Ubaldo Jimenez (9-16, 5.43 ERA) vs Will Smith (5-8, 5.08 ERA)

No local TV for this game today, so only those of who you have MLB.TV can watch the game through the Cleveland brodcast. Not being able to watch a game on Saturday's during college football season is annoying, but I understand that the economics. If this was a game that actually had signifance, however, I would be livid. Hopefully, someone has a plan to televise the Royals games on Saturday's when the Royals are actually in contention besides "Don't worry, the Royals will never be in contention."

In case anyone was curious, the Tampa Bay Rays lit up future Royal great Carlos Villenueva last night, to the tune of seven runs in 2.1 innings. Not that one start should have an impact on whether the Royals decide to sign the former Milwuakee Brewer, but the timing of his Hiram-esque meltdown was humerous.