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Game CLII Open Thread - The Indigenous Persons of North America of Cleveland Versus The Royals of Kansas City

Rene Auberjonois
Rene Auberjonois

Once one moves past the inane (to be kind) timing of the Jake Odorizzi promotion to the active Major League roster and the obvious implications this has either on his ability to be on the Major League roster as soon as possible in 2013 or worse yet the potential burning of a year of service time to get Odorizzi two starts against Indians while purchasing his contract and putting him on the roster seven days before his debut, today is a day to be excited for as a Royals fan.

Not since a similarly named Changeling security chief on a remote space station was introduced to the public have we had such cause for curiosity. A franchise then was getting a bit of a face-lift. A rebranding, if you will. It was a different time then. The Royals still had one last strike-eradicated run at contention left in them. They hadn't embarked upon a 18-season run of futility. Just as that rebranding was only moderately successful, one cannot help but be skeptical as to how successful this run will prove to be.

Of course, this time around the rebranding will occur while no one is watching. Well, at least no one in Kansas City, as the revolution will not be televised (in-market).