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Saturday Morning Links

Because nobody reads the newspaper anymore.

Royal Links

Kings of Kauffman - All in with a pair of threes?
Are the Royals a pair of average starters away from contention?

Royal Heritage - Color Video Of Satchel Paige Pitching For The Kansas City Royals In 1948
This is excellent.

Alex Gordon: (Deserving) Gold Glover - Baseball Nation
One-time phenom Alex Gordon has somewhat quietly established himself as one of best players in the game.

Long reads

Cheers Oral History - GQ October 2012
This might have been the best thing I've read in the last 12 months on the internets. Boston's fictional heyday was the 1980's. Home of the best comedy and best drama.

NBC Unpacks Trove of Viewer Data From London Olympics -
In a related story, NBC discovers tape delay doesn't exist on the internet.