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Game 158 Open Thread - Kansas City Royals at Cleveland Indians

Nothing says September baseball like two AL Central teams battling for third place.

Jake Odorizzi (0-1, 5.06 ERA) vs Jeanmar Gomez (5-8, 5.44 ERA)

This is Odorizzi's second major league start, and it is also the second time local TV is not carrying the game. It's like the Royals are trying to make us not care about the season anymore. Putting Brayan Pena at DH and playing Jeff Francoeur are also not helping my apathy level.

It's not the Indians are helping anyone care about this game either, as their lineup sports people named Thomas Neal, Russ Canzler, and Ezequiel Carrera. You could combine these two teams current lineups to make one team that might actually be competitive.

In utterly useless news, the Royals are two games above .500 in night games. It would be interesting to see if anyone wants to claim that the young team stays out too late at night, which is why they have been so terrible during the day. I'm sure the Boston media is already looking into it.