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Game 139 Open Thread - Royals at White Sox

Chen (10-11, 5.28 ERA) vs Sale (15-6, 2.93 ERA)

Today is the rare Saturday game during football season that is on television. I had a whole rant planned out for why it sucks when you have to watch an uninteresting college football game instead of watching the Royals, but thankfully the game is on FOX.

I want the Bruce Chen who "knows" how to out-perform his peripherals back. It was always kind of fun to pretend that it could keep up. Chen has already thrown the second most innings of his career this season, so it wouldn't surprise me to see him go down with an injury sometime soon, or early next season. A 35 year-old pitcher with an injury history throwing the most innings in one season since 2005 just sounds like a recipe for arm surgery. Hopefully the Royals have a free surgery on their punch card.

Being the thorn in the White Sox side is enjoyable. Let's keep Hawk's tears flowing.