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Bruce Chen, Mitch Williams Not Very Good At Their Jobs

If FOX is going to eventually replace Tim McCarver with Mitch Williams, then Hosmer help us all because their broadcasts are actually going to get worse. While McCarver seems out of touch in an almost endearing, elderly sort of way, Williams seems completely ignorant in a way that makes you think he relishes his ignorance. Here is a short list of things Williams actually said during the baseball game:

  • Described A.J. Pierzysnki as an "old-timey" baseball player.
  • Referred to batting average as an overrated stat, then cited runs and rbi's as his examples of better statistics
  • Let the audience know after every borderline strike "The ump would've had to toss me after that one." This happened no less than three times
  • Claimed, with no evidence, that cutters have hurt more pitchers than it has helped. While he may have an argument, it's probably not the best idea to bring this up during a White Sox game, with Don Cooper as the pitching coach.
  • Blamed Brandon McCarthy's scary injury on pitchers not being able to throw inside.

What completely set me over the edge, however, was when Francoeur made a deep flyball into a circus catch because he is not a very good fielder. Mitch proceeded to gush about how Francoeur "doesn't let his problems effect him in the field?" Have you watched Francoeur at all this season? Even if you don't put stock in his -8.9 UZR, he has been noticeably slow in the field this season. Even the Royals seemed to acknowledge this when they decided to move Francoeur farther back in the outfield so he would not give up as many extra base hits.

When will the fascination of putting ex-players in the booth end? I have little doubt that Williams knows more about playing baseball than I do, but his analysis of the game is insulting. Mike Fast would have made an awesome commentator while he was writing for Baseball Prospectus. I think Jason Parks and Jeff Sullivan would both be great as well. People is in charge of putting together announcing booths need to start thinking outside the box more, because the ex-player gimmick has run dry.

Oh yeah, about the baseball game.

  • Bruce Chen allowed all five runs that the White Sox scored. He surrendered three homers as well, but did manage to whiff six hitters in six innings.
  • The Royals continued to treat Brett Myers as their personal punching bag. Myers only recorded one out while allowing three hits and a run in his relief appearance.
  • Lorenzo Cain was thrown out twice at the plate today, but the home plate umpire blew one of the calls, claiming he was safe.
  • Cain, Alcides Escobar, Johnny Giavotella and Mike Moustakas all had multi-hit games. The Royals were down 4-2 heading into the ninth inning, but rallied back to put the tying run in scoring position with two outs. Cain, however, struck out to end the game.