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Bunts - Links for January 18, 2013

Things to read while waiting for your invitation to the Inaugural Ball to arrive in your mailbox.

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FanFest is this weekend. Or, more to the point, Saturday. And it's for something like 30 minutes. Get there early.

On to the links of Royal and general baseball interest:

Drinking the Royals Blue-Aid : WBC Rosters Full of Royals
I don't claim to care about the WBC, but here's a nice primer for the Royals involved.

Pine Tar Press: The Five Best "Batting Seventh" Seasons In Royals History
Spoiler alert: Bo.

Kings of Kauffman: Alex Gordon And Batting First
It bears repeating. Mainly because the Royals seem hell-bent on moving him down in the order.

Pine Tar Press: Royals Bullpen Arms to Watch
Three under the radar arms to keep in mind. Featuring the wonderfully named Zeb Sneed.

Baseball Prospectus: On the Beat: Final Free-Agent Blitz
Front-office types give their opinions on the remaining free agents, and a look at the ramifications at the Rafael Soriano and Mike Morse deals.

And a few I found moderately to incredibly interesting:

Missy Franklin Is Racing for Her High School—Which Is Fun Unless You Have to Face Her -
Kids today are soft.

BBC News - S African woman gored by rhino after posing for photo
It looked so harmless when I stood inched away from it's horn!

Grantland: In Memoriam: Conrad Bain, Diff'rent Strokes Patriarch
RIP Mr. Drummond.

Telegraph: Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers blasts Luis Suarez after Uruguayan admits to diving, calling it 'unacceptable'
On your feet, lad.

The Daily Wiz: Sporting KC and Ivy Funds: local partnership, innovation, and money
I am convinced we are getting closer to the day where we see sponsorships on MLB uniforms.

The Verge: For Amusement Only: the life and death of the American arcade
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.