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Scouting Royals Hitting: Final Report

Francoeur, more power than you would think.

Salvy and Bill look faceless.
Salvy and Bill look faceless.
Dave Reginek

With all of my recent polls, I have finally combined the results on the hitters into one usable spreadsheet. On top of the results of the polls, I have some additional scouting information. I plan on updating this report as more data becomes available (measure times to first, mid season polls). With all the data, some interesting core traits of the hitters are reveled.

Additional Information

Fan Scouting Report - Every year Tom Tango runs a survey on how players are rated defensively in several categories. I have added those categories and put the values on a 10 (best) to 1 (worst) scale.

Batted ball data - I collected the hitters' average home run and fly ball distance from Also, I collected the longest hit home run from Besides the longest home run, I collected the next 3 longest hit home runs and averaged those values. I was looking to see if the hitter could repeat their results more than once. For example, Jeff Francoeur connected for a 450 ft HR, but the average of his next 3 longest was 421 ft. Billy Butler's longest was 436 ft, but his average on the next 3 were 433 ft. Again, I put these numbers on a 10 to 1 scale.

Times to First - For this measure, it is just the time it takes the batter to sprint to 1B after a hit. Only times when the player looks to be on a full sprint were recorded. Here are the scales used:

Right Handed
Ranking Time (sec)
10 <= 3.8
9 3.9
8 4
7 4.1
6 4.2
5 4.3
4 4.4
3 4.5
2 4.6
1 >= 4.7

Left Handed
Home First
10 <= 3.7
9 3.8
8 3.9
7 4
6 4.1
5 4.2
4 4.3
3 4.4
2 4.5
1 >= 4.6

Looking at the Results

  • Alex Gordon went from good marks in his defense in his rookie season, to 3 seasons of bad makes, to good marks this past 2 seasons. Also, his power looks to be relatively consistent over the years.
  • Dyson some how ended up with a negative power. I can see that happening. His speed was not at the 10 level. I may look a measuring some more of his 1B times.
  • Francoeur has displayed more power (around 6) than our eyes see (around 4) from him. Also, his speed times are slowly dropping since his debut.
  • Moose had a long home runs (464 ft bomb) in 2012, but too many of his hits ended up as short pop flies which put is HR and Flyball distance at league average.
  • Perez's measured time to first (4.50 secs) puts him about as fast as a snail.
Thanks again for everyone's time and I would love to read your thoughts on it.