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Bunts - A collection of links

An assortment of interweb goodness as you ponder why all work weeks can't be three days long.

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Jamie Squire

Links of a Royal (and general baseball) nature:

Miguel Tejada Signs Minor League Contract - Kings of Kauffman

Where Scobee attempts to draw me into a meltdown.

Is the Dayton Moore Criticism Warranted - Pine Tar Press

Lesky writes, you decide.

Rambling Morons Spring Training Party – February 10 4:00 – Major League

In addition to a movie and a party, The Fake Ned promises shenanigans. Do you understand? Shenanigans.

Royals, Nation | The Classical

We are familiar with this story. Doesn't make it less painful.

The 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame, Version 3.0 | Baseball: Past and Present

The Hall of Fame ballot is stacked. By far the most interesting election ever.

Long reads:

The Spectacular Thefts of Apollo Robbins, Pickpocket : The New Yorker

While you read that, I'll be stealing the tires off your car.

Chelsea 0 Queens Park Rangers 1: match report - Telegraph

To me, Chelsea is the equivalent of the Yankees. I'm not talking about titles they have won. I'm talking about how much I hate them.

Massive Attack: Blue Lines | The A.V. Club

The 20th anniversary release of one of the top albums of the 90s.

Uni Watch's exclusive look at the new MLB batting practice caps - ESPN

The Royals cap seems uninspired. The Yankee cap is hilarious. The Braves cap is racist. I like the A's and the Astros. Still won't buy any.

Making Blues Brothers “We Had a Budget for Cocaine” | Vanity Fair

Belushi as genius.