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The Kansas City Royals Announce 2013 Slogan

A new year and a new slogan emphasizing a change in organizational direction.


The Kansas City Royals today announced their slogan for the 2013 season: This Year, We're Trying to Win.

"This Year, We're Trying to Win is an appropriate slogan for where we are in The Process," said Royals General Manager Dayton Moore. "The first 6 years are spent building the team with young prospects. Year 7 is all about trying to win, and year 8 is where we anticipate actually winning. So, this year's slogan represents a critically important step for the future of our team."

Royals manager Ned Yost expressed support and excitement for the new slogan. "This new slogan is great. This represents a shift in our philosophy. This also lets the fans know things will be different. I'll never forget sitting next to Dayton Moore in the All-Star game last summer. We were both impressed with the passion shown by the fans. I mean, almost selling out the Futures game? And the emotion shown in the Home Run Derby? It hit both Dayton and me at the same time, that Kansas City really just might be a baseball town after all. I didn't think I would say this, but Kansas City could actually get pumped up for a late summer pennant race. Who would have thought it?"

So far this off season the Royals have taken a different approach than previous years, taking on pitcher Ervin Santana and his hefty contract and acquiring pitcher James Shields for a couple of highly regarded prospects. "You hate to give up young prospects," Moore continued, "but at some point in time you just have to go for it. When I am in the clubhouse looking at the guys, I want to know I did everything for them, and this is the year we decided we were going to try to win. This is a big step, and everybody seems to be very enthusiastic now."

Yost expressed support for the direction the team is going, "I can't wait to manage guys like Santana and Shields. Front line pitchers like that make a manager's job easier. It is great working for a guy like Moore who will give you the tools you need. With the new pitchers, the signing of Chris Getz, the bringing back of Jeff Francoeur, Luke Hochevar putting it all together, the improvement of the other players on the roster, I expect big things."

Previous slogans under Moore include New Blue Tradition, You Belong at the K, It Al Happens Here, Major League Moments, and last year's slogan, Our Time. Moore contends that Our Time was misunderstood. "Our Time was not our way of saying it was our time to win. It was actually letting our prospects know that 2012 was the last year of development for them. It was Our Time to find ourselves and develop our skills. After that, it would no longer be about our time, but instead winning time."

Since this has been deemed the official slogan, expect to see This Year, We're Trying to Win on billboards around town, in any printed material from the team, and in various TV ads featuring the Royals.

A source within the club indicated that runners up for the slogan included, The Glassman Cometh, The Fighting Francoeurs, 162 Shades of Grit, and Winning is Harder than You Think.