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Getting Rid of Dead Weight – Keys to the Off-Season

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Frenchy being gone saves me a ton of writing.

Hosmer: Damn your hair is awesome. Mendoza: I know.
Hosmer: Damn your hair is awesome. Mendoza: I know.
Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Personally, I put together an off-season check list of what needs to happen for the Royals to improve. Last week, I looked to see if the Royals had enough starting pitching going into next year. Today, I am going to look at the team's dead weight. Players who will never be productive and someone else, via minors, trade or free agency, should replace them.

I will base these decisions more on the player's talent than on their contract. Players are signed to bad contracts. It will happen, especially with Dayton Moore in change. Teams need to know when it is time to cut bait and just move on without the player(s). Some players are iffy (Boner) and some can stay depending on how the off-season goes (Luke - if some of the bullpen is traded away). I am talking about players with no trade value at all and replacements could easily be found (see Tony Pena Jr. and his 824 PA as a Royal).

For the first time in years, the this list is small. One aspect which makes the decision harder is how the bullpen shakes out. I think some pitchers could be cut, but they have some value as possible trade chips. Next week, I will look at selling the team's surplus and the bullpen has more than a surplus.

Here are the players who should not be on the 2014 roster if Dayton Moore is doing his job.

Jamey Carroll

Gone. Even Dayton couldn't f--k this one up.

Chris Getz

How in the hell has he been on the MLB team since 2010? He is just not a good major league second baseman. Here are some Chris Getz facts created from a list of 2B who had 1000 PA from 2010 and 2013.

  • Last in HRs with one (tied with Jamey Carroll)
  • The 8th lowest OBP at .305
  • The 5th lowest WAR at 0.6 (his offensive component is the 5th lowest at -40 runs)

Too bad the Royals never had any controlled 2B talent they could use instead.

Team PA HR AVG OBP SLG wOBA Off Runs Def Runs WAR
Mark Ellis 1955 25 0.266 0.325 0.360 0.305 -19 37 9
Mike Aviles 1697 37 0.266 0.297 0.392 0.301 -22 -2 3
Jeff Keppinger 1844 25 0.285 0.327 0.381 0.313 -18 -10 3

Chris Getz 1124 1 0.248 0.305 0.295 0.271 -40 9 1

Even though it may not be fair for Getz, he at least has a future as a broadcaster.

Luis Mendoza and unfortunately, his hair

He is going to be a 30-year-old pitcher with a career 5.39 ERA (4.46 over the last 3 seasons). While, he did produce decently in 2012 with 1.7 fWAR, Wade Davis put up the same value this past season. I don't see anyone wanting to see any more Wade Davis starts. If the Royals need that type of production at the MLB level, they will not contending for a playoff spot. I am sorry to see his his hair go, but I am not one bit sad to see the pitcher go.

These are the only players I think should not be on the 2014 roster. They just can't. If Dayton can't find some players from the organization or else where, to replace them, he just isn't doing his job.