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Thursday Post-Season Open Thread

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In my day, second basemen actually touched second base when turning a double play. After trudging through two feet of snow to get there. And they liked it!

Mike Ehrmann

Just one game tonight, Red Sox vs. Tigers with the series tied 2-2. Jon Lester takes to the hill against Anibal Sanchez in a battle of pitchers that should both be on the Royals.

Cards and Dodgers get the night off so the Best Fans in Baseball can bake more casseroles.

You HAVE to read this (h/t billybeingbilly):

The Federalist: Stop Trying To Make Cardinals Hatred Happen. It’s Not Going To Happen.

But that Sunday at our church in Virginia, I was talking to the kindergarten teacher at our Lutheran school. She’s a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan. She introduced me to a new mother at church whose allegiance to the Cards was showcased on the diaper bag she was carrying around. As we all chatted about the Pirates series, the kindergarten teacher’s husband (a Nationals fan) interjected that he hated us and the Cardinals.

I found it jarring. Two people in the same week saying something I’d never heard in more than three decades of being a Cardinals fan.

"The Chase is On" is the St. Louis Cardinals Playoff Song No One Asked For

Fan-created song are the best.

Fangraphs: Is Jim Leyland a Hall of Famer?

For chain smoking, sure.

Sports on Earth: Are the Tigers running out of time to win the World Series?

Yes, because now it is OUR TIME.

Grantland: Director's Cut: 'The Wit and Wisdom of the White Rat,' by Pat Jordan

Interesting stuff from Whitey's time with the Angels.

NYPost: A-Rod's three-way hooker trysts

If he's a centaur, isn't any tryst with him technically a three-way?

House stenographer hauled from floor

As the bill sailed toward final passage, the presiding lawmaker suddenly began pounding the gavel. Witnesses on the floor said the woman, identified as Dianne Reidy, seized a microphone and began yelling during the vote.

She was then removed from the chamber by floor staff and taken into an adjacent elevator. She continued yelling as she was taken away, saying phrases such as "you cannot serve two masters" and "he will not be mocked."

She's still the most sane person in the room.

Boulevard Beer sells out to the damn Belgians