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AL Wild Card Open Thread - Rays vs. Indians

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You can make fun of Royals management no matter who wins this game.

Hannah Foslien

Unsolicited career advice: If someone wants to offer you a job, and you agree to a meeting to talk about said position, you should show up to the meeting. Or at least cancel the meeting before it is scheduled to start and explain why you are unable to attend. Or respond to any form of communication after the meeting was supposed to start so the person who wants to pay you doesn't get hung out to dry.

People are the worst. But enough of that, there's baseball on tonight.

The Cleveland Indians and the Tampa Bay Rays play in the AL Coin Flip game at Progressive Field tonight. You should definitely tune in, if only for the chance that plague of bugs swarm the field and devour a pitcher whole

Danny Salazar will start for Cleveland tonight. The rookie has had an impressive season, posting a 3.12 ERA with a 3.16 FIP over 52 innings. The right-hander has whiffed an impressive 30.8% of the batters he has faced while only walking 7.1%. Salazar will probably not pitch very long, but he should be effective while on the mound.

Matt Moore will take the ball for Tampa Bay. The southpaw has gaudy traditional statistics, going 17-4 this season with a 3.29 ERA. His xFIP, however, remains fairly pedestrian at 4.32. Moore walked 11.8% of batters faced this season, surviving the free passes thanks to a .259 BABIP. The second-year player has basically been the same pitcher he was last season, with better fortune/defense behind him.

If the Indians win this game, all of us critical spirits can lampoon Dayton Moore and Co. for not turning a team around as quickly or as well as our AL Central rival. If the Rays win, everyone can blast The Trade some more. Make sure to let the hate flow through you tonight.

I've been on a huge Wu-Tang kick recently. Still so good.