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Gordon, Perez and Hosmer Win Gold Gloves

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Three out five ain't bad.

Leon Halip

Alex Gordon won his 3rd award and Salvador Perez and Eric Hosmer won their first. Congrats to all three.

I was able to listen to the press conference and here are some highlights

Dayton Moore

When ask about the all three winners being home grown, he said you feel good for your scouts and all your development people who had a vision, work ethic and determination for each of the players ... it is very exciting for our organization.

Alcides and Lorenzo are special athletes and both will have opportunities to win the award in the future. Moustakas may win in the future also.

Ned Yost

These kids have worked their tales off and will only get better defensively.

... Gordy ...

There is a comfort level with our team with Hoz at first base.

Alex Gordon

...this award will not be used as a chip and dip tray ...

Being able to share this award with my teammates makes this award the most special of all of them.

There are no weak positions in the infield or outfield on this team.

His (and and Hosmer's) favorite play was:

Dutton asked if Alex was a better left fielder now compared to when he won the award 2 years ago. Gordon said he has a higher comport level and is more used to the position now. He has more confidence than he did in 2011.

Gordon's favorite play is nailing a runner at home base.

Eric Hosmer

He finds Moustakas easier to catch than Escobar because he has a more consistent arm slot on his throws.

Hosmer calmed down the scoop during spring training this year. He says he needs to be boring. By catching the ball with less force, it is less likely to come out of his glove. It is all part of the learning process and trying to get better.

He is "not too big on statistics and all that stuff".

He has to be on his toes expecting a throw from Perez or the pitching staff. First base coaches reminding runners about his Perez's arm. Also runners are not taking much of a secondary lead.