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Royal Rumblings (10/8/13)

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A little Manaea, a little post office, a bunch of B.S. in between.

Brian Kersey

Today, I have several tidbits on Royals, baseball, sports and life. It has some thoughts I have been thinking of, but none of them require an entire article. Hopefully, you can tolerate the ride and stay awake.

Sean Manaea

This past spring I saw Manaea in person versus Wichita State and wrote the following (link):

The item which stood out to me is his foot placement on the extreme 1B side of the mound. It is close to the placement of Mariners prospect Danny Hultzen. The pitch comes at home plate at an extreme angle.

I am no professional scout, but the motion just didn't look natural. Compared to the pitchers who throw downhill, he put too much side torque on his body. When I saw him throw, he was dealing with the hip injury which kept him out of fall ball after being drafted.

Also, I mentioned in the article his motion was the same as the Mariners' Hultzen. Hultzen's shoulder couldn't hold up to the twisting motion. He just underwent surgery on his shoulder and is out for the 2014 season.

Reports currently have Manaea as being healthy for spring training, but now one is for sure.

I just hope when he arrives at spring training, he is throwing a little more down hill instead of across his body.

Royals History

Recently, I acquired a few old SABR Research Journals and here are few tidbits I found interesting.

1. Go to this box score and see if you can find its uniqueness.

It is the last known game where a steal of home was the game's only run.

2. Dennis Leonard was the only three-time 20-game winner to never be named to an All-Star team.

3. "Intangibles always translate into statistics" - Ex-Royals GM John Schuerholz. And I still can't figure out how Frenchy and Kendall never hit .300/.400/.500.

Non-Sports News in Sports

I hate when some off-the-field topic comes up in a baseball discussion on TV, the radio or online. Just last week ESPN had the headlines on missing bobble heads, a broadcaster's son involvement in a murder and everyone around the Biogenisis scandal suing everyone.

I follow baseball to get away from real life. I don't want to know about fustrated shoppers, murders and lawsuits. I want to see a Chris Davis rip a 450 bomb or a Cole Hamels off-speed pitch. I want baseball to be baseball.

Now with other sports, especially those I care nothing about (golf, tennis, auto racing), the tabloid shit I eat up. Take for example this headline:

Martina Hingis, Who Cheated on Her Husband Twice, Reportedly Beat Him Up with Help From Her Mom

After seeing that headline, I immediately lost 10 minutes of my life I can't have back. I don't get why I hate those types of baseball headlines, but with tennis I am a sucker. I just don't know.

Post Office

I saw an article about the Post Office running in the Red again for ... like ... forever. It just got me wondering, how often do I need to get mail. I think I would only need it once a week. Nothing urgent ever comes in it. With the way society is set up now, I just see no reason for 6 day service for the majority of people.