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Royals Repel the Injury Bug

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Can they keep it up?

Jamie Squire

One of the biggest reason the Royals were able to stay around .500 for most of last season was team health. Going into the season, the Royals knew Duffy and Paulino would start the season on the DL, but otherwise the team's health held up pretty good. The regulars were able to stay on the field for most of the season, but will they continue the good health into 2014.

Here are the ten times the DL was used by the Royals in 2013:

Name Day on Day off Days lost
Felipe Paulino 03/31/13 09/29/13 182
Danny Duffy 03/31/13 06/24/13 85
Miguel Tejada 08/11/13 09/29/13 49
Jarrod Dyson 05/16/13 06/22/13 37
Lorenzo Cain 08/09/13 09/05/13 27
Noel Arguelles 09/03/13 09/29/13 26
Danny Duffy 09/08/13 09/29/13 21
Carlos Pena 09/17/13 09/29/13 12
Chris Getz 07/28/13 08/12/13 15
Salvador Perez 08/04/13 08/11/13 7

Here are some interesting points

  • The team had the least number of days on the DL with 461 days lost (league average was 983 days). The Tigers had the second least number of days lost at 474. On the other end of the spectrum, the Marlins lost 1538 days to the DL.
  • In trips to the DL, the 10 total trips was 2nd to the Mariners 9 trips. For comparison, the Yankees used the DL 28 times.
  • Not one regular starting or relief pitcher went on the DL once the season started.
  • Only 76 days were lost to regular position players.
  • I know Arguelles wasn't ever on the team, but every team will use the 60-day DL to help expand its roster when needed.
The Royals have done pretty decent compared to the league average over the past few seasons. Here are the Royals totals compared to the rest of the league.



Season Days Trips Age
Days Trips Age
2010 676 13 28.3
779 14.9 28.7
2011 548 9 26.3
819 16.8 28.5
2012 1027 14 26.9
949 15.9 28.5
2013 461 10 28.3
983 17.5 28.5
Average 678 11.5 27.4
883 16.3 28.5

  • Over the last four seasons, the Royals have average 200 less days and five less trips on the DL compared to the average team.
  • One reason for the better health is the team average being one year younger than other teams.
The main issue going into 2014 will be how much age will affect the team's heath. The team was just under the league average age in 2013. Most of the team will be back in 2014 and they will all be a year older. It is just a simple rule, older people get hurt more often.

The second issue for 2014, the team can't expect to always have the fewest number of days lost to the DL. Seasons like 2012 will more likely be the norm.

The Royals, especially the pitchers, were able to stay away from the injury bug in 2013. They lost the fewest days to the DL in the majors. If they want to continue the trend into 2014, they may need to look at infusing some youth into the team.