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Links: Royals Rumor Roundup

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A look at the current rumors circulating around the Royals.

Josh Johnson looks good in blue.
Josh Johnson looks good in blue.

We discussed the Phil Hughes rumors yesterday, so let's turn to the most current Royals rumors. Not so much heat on this Hot Stove as the names circulating are quickly being recycled into the "usual."

-- Dick Kaegel chatted with Carlos Beltran about coming home to the Royals.

-- Expect the Royals to act quick (and generously) if they are to land him:

-- Buster Olney speculated on Josh Johnson and the Royals:

-- At Pine Tar Press, David Lesky examined those Johnson rumors.

-- The Royals are OK with losing their draft pick according to Bob Dutton. I can see how this is their mindset heading into the Hot Stove. They are picking low (for them) in the first round. They have a competitive balance pick. And they will likely get a compensation pick for Ervin Santana. While having three picks before the second round would be cool, two picks is good.

-- No surprise the Royals are focusing on starting pitching and second base. (It would be nice if something happened in right field, though.) Jim Bowden talked to Ned Yost and got him to name some names:

-- Hunter Samuels at Kings of Kauffman doesn't see how a Phillips deal makes sense for the Royals.

-- Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw won the Cy Young awards in their respective leagues. Not exactly a surprise. Kudos to the BBWAA for their transparency in presenting the ballots. See how Sam Mellinger and Jeff Passan from the Kansas City Chapter voted here.