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Royals, Rockies Talking Relievers, Dexter Fowler?

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The Rockies are interested in the Royals "very available" relievers, could outfielder Dexter Fowler be the return?

Doug Pensinger

Troy Renck of the Denver Post has a piece up about how the Colorado Rockies are interested in the Royals surplus relievers, although he is a bit confused thinking that "Tim Duffy" is one of the available relievers. He mentions the Rockies tried to acquire Wade Davis before and speculates since Davis is the odd man out of the Kansas City rotation now, the Rox could try to swoop him up.

The Royals would likely want a bat in return, and Renck suggests outfielder Dexter Fowler.

The Rockies main trade piece is center fielder Dexter Fowler, who could be a fit in Kansas City. Opposing executives have said for weeks that the Rockies are open to trading Fowler

It is unclear whether Renck is putting "two and two" together, or if he has heard the teams are actively discussing these players. Fowler is a switch-hitting twenty-seven year old who hit .263/.369/.407 with 12 HR 42 RBI and 2.0 WAR in 492 plate appearances last year. His best year was 2012 when he hit .300/.389/.474. Fowler has a much higher average from the right side, but his OBA and SLG do not suggest much of a split. Fowler has good speed, stealing 19 bases last year, although he was caught 9 times. He led the league in triples in 2010.

Fowler will make $7.35 million next year and has another year of arbitration before hitting free agency after 2015. The Royals are reluctant to add payroll at this point, but swapping Fowler for Wade Davis' $4.8 million salary may make things more palatable.

What do you think? Does this make a lot of sense? And what do we make of this Tim Duffy character?