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Royals, Glass Family Extend Dayton Moore Through 2016

Two more years of GMDM. With the carving of turkeys out of the way, it might be wise to ask your significant others to do you the favor of hiding any and all sharp objects in the house.


Hot on the heels 86-win, World Series Championship (sort of) 2013, David and Dan Glass extended Royals General Manager Dayton Moore for two more years through the 2016 season (h/t redunion1940, TraderS, and RoyalsRetro). Given the comparative success of this past season and the fact that just one more year remained on Moore's contract after the last extension in 2009, this move is hardly a surprise, though dumping the announcement on a holiday weekend--particularly on the busiest shopping day of the year--certainly seems odd if this was a move about which the organization was truly excited.

In their announcement, the Royals--Dan Glass, to be specific--gave the same old rigmarole about family and Moore being a baseball man and family and processes. Not to be outdone, Moore mentioned a--or maybe it was the--process and talked about building stuff and cores and family and processes and family. If you've been paying any attention at all over the past eight years, you could have probably written a press release by both Dan Glass and Dayton Moore and come pretty close to what they actually said.

This means that Dayton Moore will get two more off-seasons to jump into the free agent marketplace before it takes shape, undervalue* getting on base, sign middling talent to deals one to two years too long, hoard #4 starters, field trade offers from parties with whom he is outmatched, place a premium on grit, force an inflexible and outmoded pitching development program on all of the arms in the system, insist upon the non-existence of advanced metrics, retain the services of the likes of Chris Getz and Wade Davis while clinging to the notion that they are something they are not, commit countless public relations gaffes, and incense this corner of the internet with his general baseball philosophy.

*Can you really say he's "undervaluing" something that he doesn't seem to value at all?

Or at least he'll get paid to make these decisions through the end of the 2016 season. Again, the extension itself is hard surprising. The fact that only two years were added to his contract as Moore headed into what would have been a lame duck year should give the denizens of Royals Review a little less cause for concern. The length of the Royals' new commitment to Dayton Moore isn't so long that a disastrous 2014 or 2015 wouldn't lead to his dismissal, though given the tenor of the Glass family's comments on Moore both on Friday and throughout his time in Kansas City one can hardly pin one's hopes on an implosion leading to change in administration at One Royal Way.

Happy Thanksgiving. Let the gentle sobbing begin.