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November Ramble

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Clearing out the attic.

Kyle Rivas

Some odds and ends for a November Thursday.

Eric Hosmer Named Royals Player of the Year

Not surprising, given his amazing offensive turnaround. Yet this was not the correct choice. Defense counts (PLAYER of the year) so I'd lean more to Salvador Perez or Alex Gordon. Yeah, all three won Gold Gloves but Perez provided a ton of value behind the plate. And Gordon is the best all-around player on the team. But as is the case in these awards, narrative wins, and it's difficult to ignore what Hosmer did over the final four months of the season with the bat.

This gets me to another point of contention. One I raise every year. I wish the Royals would open their award voting to more than the BBWAA members. Include the radio guys, the TV guys. And if you want to get really crazy, invite a few bloggers to cast a ballot. You're still including people who intently watch the team. What's the harm in opening it up to be more inclusive?

Greg Holland Wins Royals Pitcher of the Year

Like it could have been anyone else.

A 13.8 SO/9. A 1.68 xFIP. A 3.2 fWAR.


There's a lot I miss about not having baseball. Winter sucks. The one thing I miss the most is a Greg Holland ninth inning. I hope like hell he can replicate his 2013 success. Yes, that would certainly help the team, but I'm on board for selfish reasons. I have the most fun watching Royals games with him on the mound doing dirty things with his slider.

This was Holland's second consecutive win. And he should have won in 2011, as well. But you know, the BBWAA loves them some pitcher wins.

Royals give Ervin Santana a qualifying offer

The second "duh" moment of the week.

Although I did love the Royals waiting until the deadline to send out the press release. Seriously, Royals. Way to stay winning on the PR front.

That caps quite the Royals season for Erv and is likely the punctuation mark on Dayton Moore's best move in his tenure. I hated the deal bringing Erv to the team at the time, but damn if that guy wasn't a solid addition to the rotation.

The draft pick as compensation is nice, but the focus needs to be on how Moore and the Royals brain trust will fill the void in the rotation.

The Sluggerrrr lawsuit heads to the Missouri Supreme Court

Sluggerrr needs to be locked up. He's a menace and an obstacle to enjoying baseball.

From the article:

"The Royals, whose spokesman declined to comment on the case while it is pending, have argued that the hot dog toss has been a popular fan attraction at Kauffman Stadium since 2000 and is as much part of the game experience as strikeouts and home runs."

Just add this quote to the long list of dunderheaded statements that ooze out of The K.