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Royals sign Omar Infante

A new second baseman. And an upgrade.


The axiom about smoke and fire continues to be true. Just this week, the Royals were linked to free agent second baseman Omar Infante. Today at 5 pm (it's either a holiday or Friday afternoon with this team) it was announced that Infante is indeed, your newest Kansas City Royal.

The rumored four-year, $40 million deal didn't happen (thankfully) but Infante is in the fold for four seasons. But at $30 million. It's kind of reverse sticker shock, isn't it?

I'm going to readjust my feelings about free agent contracts and live in the now. Four years is two years to long for Infante, in my opinion, but this is a move that does make the Royals better in 2014. And that's all that matters now, right? 2014.

Infante most certainly represents an upgrade over what the Royals had out there last summer. They have now addressed their most pressing lineup needs with a solid bat for right and what will probably be a league average stick at second.

The worry is the other shoe could drop. Will Butler be traded to make room for the Infante money? Stay tuned.