RRCCA XX: Trespassers will be offered a shot, Rock N Roll Hall of Shame

First of all, Its been a long couple a weeks, I've seen some things.... I've Done some things I'm not proud of. What it all boils down to is simple, I wanna Rock n Roll all night and party everyday. The theme is this Linda Rondstadt and Linda Rondstadt vocals only. I'm just fuckin around, Nirvana, Cat Stevens, Bruce fuckin Springsteen. Negative, we're gonna go against the grain on this one, I want tunes from under rated musicians, talented guys that didn't get the recognition they deserved. I'm a fan of music period, we all are, I don't care if it's a toothless wino that plays his fuckin heart out, or a couple of old rich dudes bringing it acapella, what the fuck ever I just wanna feel it. I'm not supposed to be here, but I think maybe, just maybe, they'll let it slide. I want everybody to flood my electronic box with a song, except for you, Dayton, I feel like you've already won the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, ya fuggin jagoff. spam that shit up with a quickness, this thread may make like a Journey lick, and take the fuck off.

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