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Carlos is in Town! Carlos is in Town!

Put on your Sunday best, hide the Getz under the rug and put on your best face! We must woo Carlos Beltran while he's in town!

Ronald Martinez

Guess who's coming for dinner?

According to the New York Post's George King, slugger Carlos Beltran is in town visiting with Royals brass.

Beltran arrived in Kansas City on Monday and is there Tuesday as well to meet with club officials and listen to the Royals’ small-market, big-money pitch. The Royals may be willing to go to three years to sign Beltran.

Aw, precious. We'll give him the old "small-market" pitch. Maybe regale him with tales from local yokels. We could show him our new indoor plumbing at the K. Charm him with apple pie and Midwestern yarns.

According to the Twitter account of a supposed Royals employee, the Kauffman scoreboard currently reads "Welcome Back Carlos!". I'm guessing they're not talking Febles.

Buster Olney is reporting that Beltran has a three year $48 million offer on the table. The speculation is its from Seattle. But if the Royals are willing to go three years, it may very well be them. Hard to see how it fits in their supposed $85 million payroll, but all indications are they are making an aggressive push.

Carlos is 36 and coming off a .296/.339/.491 24 HR 84 RBI 2.4 WAR season with St. Louis. He played with the Royals from 1998-2004, winning 1999 Rookie of the Year before being dealt in a disastrous three-way trade in 2004 that netted the Royals Mark Teahen, John Buck, and Mike Wood.

$48 million. Do you approve, if true?