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Non-Aoki-Related Friday Open Thread

This thread has nothing to do with Nori Aoki or Carlos Beltran or even Chris Getz.

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This is a pretty big sports weekend in Kansas City. Not only do we welcome our new right-fielder to town, but Sporting Kansas City has a chance to play for the city's first professional sports championship since....the Kansas City Wizards won the MLS Cup in 2000! Kansas City, the city of champions. SKC is a heavy favorite, and has already won in the virtual world, so in a small way, I feel like they are already MLS champs.

The University of Missouri-Columbia, which does not pay its athletes, but profits millions of dollars off of them by offering a free education, will be playing for the Southeastern Conference championship in football. A win would be the first conference championship in football. For years, they never won a championship in the Big 8 or Big 12, but in their second year of competition, they have a chance to win one in the Southeastern Conference. Sounds like a demotion to me.

The Kansas City Chiefs also try to snap a three-game losing streak by facing off against the Washington Potato Skins. The Chiefs have virtually nothing to play for having ceded the division to the Broncos, with the rest of the league playing miserably enough to cede the top Wild Card to the Chiefs. NFL Football, its fantastic!

So if you meet a stranger on the street this weekend, a good way to start the conversation will be "what do you think of the big game?" Because there are plenty of big games to discuss. Sports, sports, sports.

Five sporting questions:

1. What is your best snow-related story? Maybe a skiing or sledding or snowball-related event?

2. What non-baseball event would you most like to attend?

3. Who is the greatest actor and actress in their prime right now?

4. What, if any, major moves will Dayton make between now and Opening Day?

5. Who wins the Sporting KC and Missouri games?

Boner: Knowing what you know now, predict the number of wins the Yankees have next year.