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Bunts - Links For February 12, 2013

Things to read while you wonder why you picked this week to finally get a serious girlfriend.


It's been a couple of weeks... So Bunts returns chock full of goodness.

I'm putting this first because this is the coolest thing I've seen on the interwebs since I watched a bunch of skateboarders rack themselves:

MLB Hall of Fame Voting Trajectories
Guaranteed the coolest link you will click in this collection.

Royal and general baseball links: Ned Yost, manager of the year*
The Sporting News has Ned Yost winning the AL manager of the Year award in its preseason magazine. I was surprised to learn The Sporting News still existed.

Pine Tar Press: Morning Coffee - What’s Next for Billy Butler?
I think he's traded to the Phillies for Yuni.

Kings of Kauffman: The Lineup - Out of Order?
Lineups, lineups and more lineups. Bit of a twist in this one.

Baseball Prospectus | The BP Wayback Machine: 2003 PECOTA Preview: The American League
With PECOTA projections for 2013 out Monday, BP takes a look back 10 years at the first-ever PECOTA team projections. Spoiler alert: The Royals were a surprise team.

Baseball Prospectus | BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 134: 2013 Season Preview Series: Kansas City Royals

The Baseball Prospectus Annual is arriving in about two weeks. As part of the ramp up to the release, I preview the Royals. Sam Mellinger makes an appearance as well.

Jeter Fans Line Up, Shut Up and Wait -
Wouldn't it have been easier to get a gift basket?

General interest:

Capote Classic 'In Cold Blood' Tainted by Long-Lost Files -
New evidence undermines Truman Capote's claim that his best seller was an immaculately factual recounting of the bloody slaughter of the Clutter family in their Kansas farmhouse.

The Height of Wonkery: An In-Depth Look at the NBA With the Most Innovative Technology Available - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Fifteen of the league's 30 teams have purchased a data-tracking camera system from STATS LLC that records every single movement on the court.

Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Inside Story of How Monster Lost the World
I always thought these headphones were grossly overpriced. Then I learned they were developed by Monster Cable. Suddenly, everything makes sense.

Radiohead's "OK Computer" - 20 Things You Might Not Know
Fact: The Bends was better. And OK Computer is pretty freaking excellent. Confessions of a Corporate Spy