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Royals Renew Contracts of Seven

Contract renewals and some option info as we continue to project a 25 man roster.

Hugs for contracts
Hugs for contracts
Kyle Rivas

The Royals announced they reached one-year deals with seven players today:

Everett Teaford - $507,250
Jerrod Dyson - $506,000
Nate Adcock - $500,425
Irving Falu - $492,025
Chris Dwyer - $490,000
Donnie Joseph - $490,000
Justin Marks - $490,000

These are all split contracts, meaning the amount above is what they will make if they are on the 25-man roster for the full season. They will earn less if they are in the minors.

Also today, MLB Trade Rumors published a list of players who are out of options. Those for the Royals include:

Luke Hochevar
Luis Mendoza
Felipe Paulino
Juan Gutierrez
Guillermo Moscoso
Brett Hayes
George Kottaras
Jarrod Dyson
Elliot Johnson

Obviously, this impacts the final 25-man roster. Hochevar and Mendoza are both going to stick around, either in the rotation or the bullpen. Moscoso would normally be a candidate for the back of the rotation or long relief, but it's difficult to see him sticking with the team after other moves this winter in the name of pitching depth. Kottaras and Johnson are recent acquisitions and figure to make the team as well. I'm thinking Hayes is a waiver claim for some team down the line, but he will stick around for the entire camp as insurance in case of injury. (Something we all know the Royals could have used last year.)

The one name that is interesting is Dyson. I wasn't aware he was out of options. In tweeting out contract details of the recent signees, Dutton pointed out that all seven have options remaining. So there's a bit of a conflict here. I'll go by my Golden Rule: When in doubt, trust Dutton.

-- Also in camp today, Bob Fescoe (still no clue who this guy is) tweeted that Chris Getz hit five home runs in batting practice. Power stroke.

-- And finally, the Royals held a practice where they legged out triples. It included Billy Butler. I'll let you ponder that for a moment.