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Spring Training Photos: An Analysis

Spring training photographs provide sublime humor.

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No more knock-knock jokes
No more knock-knock jokes
Rob Tringali

The Royals participated in mandatory photo day on Thursday, so the contributors at Royals Review have new photos to attach to our posts. That means we can all stop using the same ten pictures from the James Shields/Wade Davis press conference that have appeared in the majority of the articles discussing the offseason.

Many of the photo day pictures will be used throughout the season, especially if someone writes an article about a player who receives little playing time. There simply aren't many pictures of Donnie Joseph that we have access too, so if he receives a call-up to the majors this season, the photo day picture will likely be used in the corresponding post.

Most of these 85 pictures won't see the light of day, which is fine. They vast majority of the pictures resemble school yearbook photos. Still, I'd feel wrong if I didn't share some of the more humorous pictures available to us.

Ervin Santana

I'm not really sure I've ever felt that excited about anything in my life.

John Lamb

Lamb definitely gets soda in his water cup from fast food restaurants.

Luke Hochevar

Hochevar really let himself go this winter. Based on his appearance, I'd say he's a lock for the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen later this season.

Xavier Nady

Nady is not impressed. Seriously.

Nady is really not impressed.

Atahualpa Severino

Who knew the Royals had Atahualpa Severino in camp? I hope Severino somehow makes the team so we can call him the "Sapa Inca," or "Last Emperor."

Royals who Roll Hard

Alex Gordon

Suddenly, his choice of walkup music make more sense.

Tim Collins

You should probably stop calling Collins adorable.

Max Ramirez

Ramirez looks like he's about to bark at the camera, DMX style.

Don't look at the camera

I'm really not sure why six pictures of Kansas City players staring blankly into space were included, as they pondered what Archer can tell us about the current state of racial relations in America.

These six pictures are the Senior Pictures to all of the other yearbook photos. I guess I just don't appreciate the art.

You can see more of the staged photos here, although I can't find the yearbook style pictures online. Have at it in the comments, as y'all are funnier than I am.