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Bunts - Links For February 22, 2013

Things to read while you wait for Mr. Plow.

On a clear day, you can see LINKS!
On a clear day, you can see LINKS!

The Cactus League officially kicked off this afternoon. We celebrate with a round up of worthy links.

Royals and general baseball:

Kings of Kauffman: Dayton Moore's Sense of Time
Nobody is buying Dayton's line of bull anymore. Engel with another takedown.

Royals Q&A: Photo day, Duffy’s return and more
Includes a new stat: Peak Fragrancy.

Pine Tar Press: GREAT SCOTT: Tim’s Digging stuff up!
Pine Tar Press added former Stadium MC Tim Scott to their staff. Apparently, Tim has quite the backlog of rare and unseen video clips the crew produced for game entertainment. The first installment is worth your time.

Sports On Earth: Which lame duck MLB manager is most likely to be canned?
Frank Yost sighting.

Cincinnati Magazine: The Enigma of Mr. 105
If you click only one link, make it this one. The story of Aroldis Chapman. Paranoia, strippers and 105 MPH fastballs. You will not be disappointed.

AZ Snake Pit: Joe Garagiola Retires: A Tribute
Growing up in the '70s, Joe Garagiola was baseball to me. He was the voice of the Game of the Week, first with Tony Kubek and then with Vin Scully. I thought he was great.

Mike Schmidt, at Phillies camp, talks steroids, Ryan Howard, and Michael Young
"Michael Young... Is probably two Michael Young years away from being a first ballot Hall of Famer."

Perhaps of general interest:

February 21, 2013 Winter Storm
Apparently, there was a lot of snow on Thursday.

Antarctica - On Location - 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
Keeping with the snow meme, here's a behind the scenes look at a swimsuit photo shoot in the most remote part of the world. Includes snow.

The Washington Post: The spy who’s been left in the cold
This is from 1998, but it's a brilliant piece of reporting.