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Cactus League - Game 2 Open Thread

One game in and we have yet to lose or win. I'm confused. Is that good?

Christian Petersen

Ties only happen at All-Star Games.Two takeaways from Friday's opener: Will Smith looked strong in his longshot bid to make the Opening Day roster. And Yordano Ventura was filthy, regularly hitting 99 mph. (Look for more on his outing over the weekend.) Two strong pitching performances isn't a bad way to kick off the spring.

Saturday's lineup:

Gordon - LF
Johnson - SS
Butler - 1B
Perez - DH
Moustakas - 3B
Lough - RF
Kottaras - C
Getz - 2B
Dyson - CF

Moscoso - SP

Also scheduled to appear:

Francisley Bueno
Brian Sanches
Dan Wheeler
Ryan Verdugo
Donnie Joseph
Atahualpa Severino


-- Lorenzo Cain will take batting practice today. If he doesn't spontaneously combust, the Royals expect him to be ready for Monday's game.

-- Eight Royals will depart camp to take place in the WBC as final rosters were released at the end of the week.

Dominican Republic:
Miguel Tejada
Kelvin Herrera
Atahualpa Severino

United States:
Tim Collins

Salvador Perez

Luis Mendoza

Puerto Rico:
Irving Falu

Paulo Orlando

I will actively be rooting against the Dominican, Venezuela and US teams. Because the WBC is a waste of time and the Royals would be better off with Perez, Collins and Herrera in camp.