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Spring Training Report: Day 1

Good times.

Mike Ehrmann

Well, it has been a crazy day which started at 4 A.M. CST and will end over a week from at spring training. I will have to "work" the first half with the Fan Graphs writers as we discuss baseball at various games. On Sunday, I will be on my own and covering the Royals exclusively.

Day 1

  • I saw a plane with a Brewer's emblem on its tail wing on the runway. Beer and baseball is always a good sign to start a trip.


  • Once in Phoenix, I went to the Reds spring training facility to have a tour with Sam Grossman who is in charge of baseball research and analytics for the Reds. SB Nation's Rob Neyer and Grant Brisbee joined the Fan Graphs members for the tour of their facilities. One question I asked Saw was why only Surprise and Peroria have Pitchf/x installed. He said it came down to money. The team would probably like another analyst instead of more data.
  • I watched the Reds and Giants play with fireballers Barry Zito and Bronson Arroyo on the mound.


  • Ex-Royal Derrick Robinson got some playing time for the Reds. He was showing off some his skillz. First he aired out a 2 bouncer to the short stop on a play at the plate. Once he was able to get on base to redeem himself, he got put out in a rundown.


  • I went to watch ASU vs New Mexico in the evening. When we were getting our tickets, Zack Greinke was by himself in line right behind us
  • At the game, I focused on scouting D.J. Peterson of New Mexico. Peterson is the 33rd highest rated draft pick rated by MLB Prospect Guide. He looked good and I will focus on him at a later date.
  • Tomorrow, I am off to scout the Reds and Indian minor leaguers and see if I can get a couple of interviews.