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Spring Training Report: Day 2

Chris Perez, could be worse.


Well, what a long day and here were some highlights.

First is here an update from yesterday.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Respected baseball researcher, @<a href="">jeffwzimmerman</a>, with laptop still perched on his belly, is snoring in the bed next to mine.</p>&mdash; Bradley Woodrum (@BradleyWoodrum) <a href="">March 14, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Now onto today. I am still working with the FanGraphs group.

  • I got a full media pass from the Indians (thanks SBN) with access to the back fields and the club house. I mainly hung out with David Laurila doing interviews before the game.
  • I watch the conference basketball tournament a little. Cincinnati has some ugly ass uniforms.


  • I talked to Chris Perez before the game. The best I can describe Perez is Kansas City Keith with a 94 mph fastball. Heck, I even shook his hand without stink palming him.
  • Highlights from Terry Francona's press conference I found a bit interesting..
  1. Trevor Bauer would probably not start in majors unless the team is totally desperate. He needs to work on his command and consistency.
  2. The team will shift as needed to take advantage of available data..
  3. Scott Kazmir is ready to go. A team has gotta take advantage of their breaks sometimes.
  • Talked to Mike Chernoff, the Indians Assistant General Manager, for a bit mainly about injuries. Good guy.
  • Mariners top prospects Tiajuan Walker and James Paxton threw a B game. Mike Newman and J.D. Sussman will have more on them at Fan Graphs at a later day.
  • Gotta love the catcher cam.
  • Dice-K still has a ton of media following him.
  • Jason Giambi gave a great interview where he said the following (more coming at Fan Graphs from David L.)
  1. He only watched video on pitchers vs. hitters similar to him. He figured there was no reason to see how a pitcher did against hitters in the 9th position.
  2. Not taking a walk is a selfish decision. A team guy takes the walk. The whole teams gets helped with runners on base and a limits arsenal from the pitcher. since he can't throw the low pitch.
  3. He started hitting with the George Brett/Charlie Lau philosophy by keep his head in. As he has got older, he has had to change quite a bit.
  4. He didn't care if he struck out, he need to hit the ball hard to get on base since he was slow.
  • Before the game, I went and said hi to the local media. Kaegel asked who I was (great). Dutton seemed to at least act like he knew who I was and hoped to talk later.
  • The game was uneventful in general. Perez still has a arm and picked a runner off 3B. Frenchy is still slow (4.7 sec to 1B). Guthrie is still meh.
  • I talked to Royals front office members Jin Wong and John Williams for a couple of innings. Not a ton of useful information was exchanged. Jin Wong was surprised I didn't apply for the analysis position when I actually did. I am pretty sure I will be working for another team soon.
My agenda tomorrow is a little up in the air and I may just watch an ASU game again.